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To last, to be unique, to look ancient, to be new and fresh, to be lived in. These are the goals that artist turned concretist Lamberto has for his artwork, most notably for the acid stain concrete art he creates in different forms, figurative as well as abstract.

Based on concrete — a medium that his father mastered — acid stained art is now offered by Lamberto Art and Design, LLC. Art pieces that could easily hang in galleries are now available for home and corporate décor.

What makes this product intriguing to home owners, builders and designers is that it is created by a “Renaissance man” who has been painting and illustrating his entire career for homes and publications throughout the world.

Stained concrete floors seem to be everywhere — in homes, at work, in stores and shopping malls. But as art, it is still an unexplored medium. It is the versatility, uniqueness, endurance and ease of maintenance that makes Lamberto’s acid stain concrete art the right choice for interior and exterior spaces, such as over a fireplace mantle, in a cozy bedroom or luxurious theatre room, or by the pool or outdoor kitchen.

What separates acid stain concrete art from other products is that the creative possibilities are endless and the subject matter, approach and composition will always be one of a kind. Just like a fingerprint, no piece is exactly like another. Every concrete slab can be different in the composition of the concrete itself, how it is poured, the way it is troweled and even to what degree of gloss is used as the final seal.

Patination effects bring out metallic colors not seen on other acid stain concrete. Lamberto’s acid stain concrete art has the “touch me” texture that has always been forbidden in fine art.

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